About us

Here you can find out how it works with Terra-Fly!

How does it work with Terra-Fly ?

The goal of the airline is to provide a platform for our common hobby where pilots can feel welcome and "at home". Because a strong community is important to us, communication is very important to us. We do not only want to see each other in the virtual sky, but also have fun together, discuss or simply laugh together.

For this we use the communication software Discord and also our WhatsApp group. Do you need help setting it up? Go ahead, just get in touch with us.

Is there the rules at the Terra-Flyers?

A listing of rules we have not needed so far, because we actually assume that politeness and fairness do not need to be put into words. must be put into words. However, we reserve the right, of course, to protect our community, to intervene accordingly in the event of misconduct by individuals.


How can one imagine the "flying" then with you?

Terra-Fly pilots participate in "economic simulation."

Generally speaking, we use (FSAIRLINES) which covers the following areas:
. - Scheduled flight with fixed routes from our route database
. - Charter flight as a "free bird", fly with what and where you feel like.
- Tours, both own and from IVAO.
You are welcome to ask for further information on this during a conversation.

I am a newcomer, have never had a flight simulation in hand ?!


We are also happy to take care of newcomers to the large subject area of flight simulation and also offer a flight school for this purpose. Our instructor pilot is an experienced airplane pilot who may also sit in the cockpit in real life. Of course, all other Terra-Fly colleagues will help you with your questions, many of them have several years of simulator experience. What you need to bring with you, however, is a willingness to learn, patience and a bit of courage to contact us.

Do you fly in online networks? And what about offline pilots ?

Our pilots represent Terra-Fly mainly in the IVAO network, but VATSIM is also possible. Basically, for the beginning, offline pilots are also welcome to join us. The Terra-Fly promotes online flying and expects its pilots to be interested in it. Of course, we help with training and support for the entry into the online world - and it is easier than you think it is.

Call sign usage
We expect you as a pilot of our airline to complete your flights with Terra-Fly callsign (callsign "TEF"). If you are flying under a different callsign, for example because a tour requires it, please enter Terra-Fly as operator in the remarks of your flight plan (OPR/TERRAFLY). Terra-Fly applicants additionally carry a "B" (Bravo) in their callsign to indicate their status.

We do not like to see so called "Sandbagging". This means that flights are flown without someone sitting at the computer (keyword: long distance flights). This will not only shed a negative light on you as a pilot but also on the airline as a whole.

Offline pilots
Pure, so exclusively offline flying pilots, we can unfortunately not accept for the above reasons. After all, we want to grow and become better known and the best advertising is an online pilot from the Terra-Fly.


In conclusion


If something is not working, you have questions or comments, please contact us.

Until then, I wish us all, "Always three Green"